Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Funny Foochow guy

we received our new intakes on july, 1st. then, straight to Matang Wildlife for 5 days of orientation. that's the reason for my recent 'no update'. i was away, facilitating the program.

One of our college tradition is to learn a 'chant' Guri-Guri Cha' Cha' (its a dance-chanting coordination challange). and the wording is gibberish.

Guri-Guri Cha Cha
Yam Yam Cha Cha
Teleng Teleng Cha Cha

Guri Cha, Yam Cha, Teleng Cha

a chinese guy from Bintangor failed his chanting test. he chanted:

Guli Guli Cha Chat
Yang Yang Cha Chat
Peleng peleng Cha Chat

Guli chat, Yang Chat, Peleng Chat.

and how can i get mad when in all honesty, he believed he did it right?

he said "ampung tuangku belibu-libu ampung, kami menghadap tuang putli bawang melah, bawang putih, bawang besi, bawang bakung, bawang goling kliuk kliuk galing".

and i have no idea if the other student purposely said "Ampun tuanku beribu-ribu ampun, kami menghadap tuan puteri bawang merah, bawang putih, bawang besar, bawang bakung, bawang goreng, kromp pram pre" (in a very convincing thai)

a guy was in a seminary school and asked for the Bishop to relieve him for two years to complete his certificate program. a girl was in a trial to become a nun and leave for her diploma. let's see what'll become of them. i have yet to find my favourite. none so far.

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Dy said...

If it wasn't for me tgh driving, i would have gulik2 on the floor ketawa kena ini cerita the other nite!!

big dreamers the seminary / nun kids...