Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boyce Avenue

You've probably heard of them. they're VERY GOOD (like, really, really good). please go to Youtube and listen for yourself: BOYCE AVENUE. i have yet to decide which of the cover i love the best. so far, i've seen about 5 (and i love their version of Katy Perry's Firework)

i'll miss their Australia tour this august by a few days. darn!
here's their tour schedule in Australia

23/08 Perth
25/08 Melbourne
26/08 Sydney
28/08 Brisbane

and no, they're not heading for a tour in Asia (at least not in 2011).

my current favourite of covers they did is "How far we've come" by Matchbox 20. theirs mellower version from the original one. i guess, the riots in London influence my mood. God forbid, the riot to spread.

edit 2:
their good taste starting to turn stale to me. the voice is (to say the least)-mediocre. have to tinguk muka dia baru macam siok.. Cait!


Dy said...

Everytime there's something re music here, i've got to go to some china link to find coz tia dpt utube :) heheheheh... but that's fine :)

listening to them now... baru 1st song... yet to come up with comment about them... :)

sayang jugak termiss durang ni!

kukuanga said...

they're wickedly good dy! i recommend you try listening to their version of "superman".. my fav so far.

jenkays said...

bukan rezeki hehee..selalu kita miss konsert2 kan...dulu indon we misssed by oneday pussycat dolls hahaa...di manila pun we miss something konsert by one day...

kukuanga said...

hahhaha.. i wont be so thrilled for a pussycat dolls. wakakkaka.. i think the one we missed in manila was David Cook.

mau p konsert2 lah ni. mcm Incubus concert hari tu di KL. alahai... si sidney pi kuching bulan lepas pun sy missed.

jenkays said...

tiapalah ko..p konsert kabigans ko cukup lah mare....!menari ada nyanyi pun ada....

Night Lian said...

suda ikut dia dari awal lagi.. admire dgn talent dia.. now dia bertiga suda...