Thursday, September 1, 2011

after august

a few updates:
1. i have made up my mind. i'll go study again. where? first choice would be Melbourne (for the fresh fruits in Victoria Market). what to study? hahahha...
2. i am suspiciously 3 months pregnant and showing. i'll put up pic to support the allegation. later.
3. i am looking for Mr. Yuta Tanaka. the last time i saw him was at Paddy's Market in Sydney. he played wicked guitar. i bought his CD only to be left in the CD player in that AVIS car. so, if anybody have any info of this guy, i appreciate the help.


Merl•Revlis said...

1. it is never too late or too old in quest for knowledge.
2. i'm pregnant too. dont tell mama.
3. who mr. tanaka again?

..and you know i'm always like this kan? wah i'm rinduing blog hopping and digital life.

kukuanga said...

hi stranger!
out of hibernation?

Mr. Tanaka is not a loan shark. hahhaha..

ppong said...

1. victoria-a place to live
2. Im about to the labour stage.
3. masih rasa bersalah pasal tinggalkan dat cd. err, another reason untuk datang balik sana. by d way, bikin mengantuk saja tu lagu dia.

kayau said...

I love melbourne too.;p..kena dtg sydney tu ganti cd tanaka..hehehe

kukuanga said...

to your #3.
we choose our own poison. i happened to LOVE that kind of music, and it happened to be the only original made in sydney thingy i bought. the T-shirt doesnt count. it was made in China. i am still furious.

hahhaha.. manada sama lagi kan?

Dy said...

adeh... baru i see this post today :P

1. Yeay!!! bAh, pigi lah study (for a place for us to bunk in when go over). Yes, I love Vic too.

2. I'm happy to report I left labour. Now need post labour anti flabby lotion. Ada?

3. I got a CD from a street group playing in Perth too!!! Yes, that's the most original of all originals... Too Bad - but YEaY for the reason to go back!