Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Jen, Dawn, Me, Juvi, Popong, Fread

[i like this picture, because somehow, i got a dimple (and i love dimple, instantly freshen up a look) which is not actually a dimple. it's a laughline (positive) or a deepen premature wrinkle (very..very negative)] on our recent visit Downunder. for more pictures of us, go to her

i tried not to compare the place with ours, because it'd be really unfair. it's an expensive place to live in, eating out everyday is out of question. even at the sloppiest fast food joint. but, how can one not fall in love with a place where even a construction workers spend sometime off their lunch time reading?, and where books are waaaaaay cheaper than a cuppa? their waiting area at airports are almost like a library, people read while waiting for their flights. its a culture, we must aspire to adopt.

Personally, i'm still short of 20 books to read to reach my annual bookreads of 54. reading will not make us any smarter then those who doesnt, or make us any better than the non-reader. but, reading certainly broaden up perspective and with that, better understanding of others and oneself. and i guess, that's how we armed our self to face the world.

my students are still away for their mid-term holiday. the office is quieter than usual, many of my muslim colleagues are still on holidays. truthfully, i miss my kids and colleagues. the holiday was great. Australia is a lovely country. i'll go again next year maybe (Perth). but, right now, nothing will settle me better than normal classes to attend and the mundane tasks of tending to my kids.

advice for Malaysian visiting Australia, please dont bother applying for a room at Malaysian Hall Melbourne (they still exist? they didnt reply to our numerous e-mails and phone calls and faxes). and i also dont recommend staying at Malaysian Hall Sydney (something should be done there, the place looks really rundown). but, at least MH Sydney replied to our enq promptly. and the students squatting there are mostly polite. with one exception for the golombon* kid. haiya... teda orang ambil gambar kah si golombon?


p/s: astaga.. makin golombon plak sy lepas cuti-cuti ni


jenkays said...

i did search for the pics...didn't take gelombon and neither did popongs...hope juvi did. but i doubt it cos she was busy registering us...!i only remember gelombon for go straight and don't belok2....!

kukuanga said...

bikin panas o that golombon!

kayau said...

hahaha berhabisan sy ingat which one golombon both of you talking about...hahaha yg bagi advice mcmn mau jalan sesat pg avis pula..

ppong said...

haha, itu golombon yg bila saya cakap melazu dia berabis reply english then bercakap melazu sama kawan dia infront of us. Helloo, kami pun dapat A bah BM SPM.

jenkays said...

belum tentu durang dapat A tu BM pong....lepas tu cakap kita indon lagi tu...itu org ambon pun cakap bahasa indo sama kita kan...! tu lah tu mudah lupa betul ini bangsa..!

kukuanga said...

terus nampak muka si golombon o dalam otak sy..