Sunday, September 11, 2011

Christina Aguilera, You Lost Me

my music pick of last week was Christina Aguilera's You Lost Me. As soulfoul as she's always (and a still a bit trashy in her outfit selection). This is a song that stayed with me throughout the week. Sorry, this is a yesteryear's song, not something new that pop out of Billboard chart. i was just so absorbed in a book i read last week that, i felt, the song appropriated the mood. and it's not about other person betraying me, or leaving me. i'm afraid of me, betraying me, losing me. if you haven't properly listen to this song, go to this link, or as always, the youtube channel.

As you probably already knew, Aguilera is one of the mentors in The Voice. (i still dont have a TV---i have TV, but no antenna, and i vow off ASTRO---so, the TV in my apartment is just a junk, useless). i was a parasite at a friend's house in Kajang for over a week during Raya holidays and she has this obsession for Flat Screen TV and i got hooked to StarWorld (The Voice)(thats what i hate of TV, i can look at the box for hours!). eventhough, i'd say, 2 hours off sunday night to watch The Voice is a good deal.

Anyway, i'm rooting for team Cee Lo! he is uncharacteristically sexy.

(pic from wiki)
NOT STARWORLD. The Voice is on AXN. my bad. (8-10, sunday night)


jenkays said...

i almost got myself flat screen yesterday..but remembered you saying if you wanna get one get a big big one...if not don't bother...! i when n bought myself a chopper instead..!!(so much for wanting to eat healthy...!) aiya mcm mana mo kurus ni?

i stop watching the Voice because i have a weak heart...nangis2 n kesian sama yg kena singkir!

kukuanga said...

semalam p rumah pok, i forgot bout the voice. kebetulan drg tgk AXN. AXN bah plak tu.. not starworld.

mgu depan baru best, antara group sdh.

ko ada chopper? sy mau juicer lah ni.. and melilea is VERY good jen.tell ur mom sy menyesal tidak try awal.

jenkays said...

my mom was saying..isk that lydia hari tu suruh try jual mahal..! hahaha..khakhkaa
my mom would be happy to know it work good on you!