Monday, April 2, 2018

April 2018


Tidak terasa pun sudah di bulan yang baru. Empat minggu lepas, berlalu sangat cepat dengan banyak back to back flying in and out of Kuching. Kelas saya juga bermula 4 minggu lepas. Thoroughly enjoyed my Strategic Management class. Dr. D sangat bersemangat!

After JJF, i extended my holiday for a full week in KL. Had a good time catching up stories with the girls (mei mei and baby). Went to see Mel and Abi's new baby! Sunday, 11th - class with Dr.D

12-16 in Kuching. Had a bad flu. 

17th Futsal with the office ladies 3/6. yay!
18th down with fever but had to fly out to KL, for audit. 

19-21st Putrajaya for audit.
21-23rd Bertam. spent a few hours in Penang. Beli jeruk. 

24th - Fly back to Kuching, from the airport to class Hj. Jo. (been up since 3.30am to Bayan Lepas airport) reached Kuching at about 9am. in the class about 10am to 4pm. 
25th Class with Hj. Jo. reach home about 3pm, rush again to airport for KK, arrived at almost midnight. kiris fetched me.

26th KK - Kota Belud - KK
27th KK - Kota Belud - KK
28th KK - Kota Marudu
29th Kota Marudu - Ranau. Gapa fetched me. helped him to buy Gama's convenience store's supply at More Chance Wholesale. Bought my fave rice, 5kg.
30th Ranau - KK- Kuching (because i have class and test the next day)

31-1 April class with Dr.D.

The test was okey. I think i did quite okey.

April will not be as busy as my March. I will find time to read my March's books.
Last month, i finished Ruta Sepetys Salt to the Sea and Toto Chan. I watched a few good movies on Youtube. Listened over and over of Calum's You're the reason.

I should be writing something else. But, i'm writing this instead to remind myself that, this is the life i chose. This is what i do good. There's time i felt really tired, but i know i'm fine. I sleep sound, i eat good. I just wish i have more time for leisure reading. I am hoping April will bring me that, good books and time to savour. 


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