Sunday, December 12, 2010

last saturday,

i turned 30. i stayed home and did what i always did on my birthday, i fasted. nothing religious in the act. it was just something i always did. (some of my friends knew i have a cry-day in a week --usually friday-- when i cry my heart out and the act makes me better. down there in my core. my soul?).

something happened a day before my birthday. it's like a heavy lesson for life from my 20's. DONT TAKE CRITICISM PERSONALLY. and when you're dealing with a woman, (especially menopausal) always coat your words with honey, and bear in mind, women are prone on taking everything personally and they're more judgemental.

where can i have Ruiz's The Four Agreements and Dasgupta's Solo?

somehow, i felt old. this, being thirty is depressing. maybe, if we let go of those usual expectations, it'll be easier. i dont know. or, should i rather, strive for that usual expectations and be what? normal? as expected?


Dy said...

Being 30 is cool! It's that age where we're sure of ourselves and can't be bothered with things that remeh temeh :)

Happy Birthday once again mate!

merapuswz@webber said...

Wah Birthday ko suda limpasss... HHappy Birthday to you.. God Bless :D

kukuanga said...

muahhaha Dy! i am ok now. need a few days to digest the fact that age really are not reversible! fool kan me?

hi webber!
ya. limpas sudah.

ppong said...

hepi bday! and, see u this weekend! cant wait to be back!

kukuanga said...

ya. c ya!

Tina said...

Hey, I like that bit you said about 'menopausal women'! I guess most women become a little crazy when they hit menopause. They can always blame it on their diminishing hormones!

Thirty is a good age to be. You're neither a silly, giggly young thing nor a staid, old matron. Have fun and enjoy your 30th year!