Monday, January 9, 2012

Book: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

with gusto i started reading The Great Gatsby last night (because Watanabe of Norwegian wood read it again and again). a bit sad to confess, i only managed to get to page 7 (downright boring). i've been reading Murakami and Okri (the starbook) this week, maybe my mood is with the dreamy prose and get shocked with Fitzgerald's not-so-dreamy one.

Preparation to read Norwegian Wood: listen to The Beatles's Norwegian Wood. that should cover the main theme of this book.

This is a very, very sad love story. i remember reading Salina (A.Samad Said) with the same desperate longing and understanding. the willingness and blind loyalty to the person we love. commitment to love not matter what, or how. love is not something we can just shake off, discard, abandon at will. true love will stick no matter how hard we tried to scrub it off.

Toru fell for his bestie's girlfriend. the bestie died (suicide). Toru went to uni in Tokyo. he befriended a very charismatic senior named Nagasawa. from him he learn to get one night stand girls. Toru accidentally met Naoko at the train station and started seeing her. they slept together on Naoko's 20th birthday (where Toru found out she never slept with Kazumi-she's a virgin). she went missing afterward. Toru met Midori, from one of his class. Midori loves Toru, and maybe Toru loves her too, if only he can let go of Naoko. he found out Naoko was in a rehab for her emotional instability. he visited Naoko and her roommate, Reiko in autumn and correspond by letters. Naoko died.

the story was narrated by mature Toru, some 20 years after.

one of the best thing i found reading a Murakami's is his ability to highlight even the slightest character in his book (and to do it so subtly), to support the mood he tried to present. example that i can think of here is the stray cat that came to Toru's shed. the cat's presence is not important, but, its important to build the main character's mood and loneliness. Murakami's a genius in connecting fine thing like that.


Dy said...

Surprisingly, I tau ini buku :P

kukuanga said...

itu tersurat kah tersirat?
ni buku sangat popular, for obvious reason, macam semua orang can relate to the theme...

and its love story..