Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 wishlist

i made the first list on 12/12/2011 and second list on 16/12/2011, this published version was written on 29/12/2011. basically, all the lists are almost the same, save for a few specific resolutions.

1. to lose weight and maintain it at my ideal of 50-52 kg.
2. drive a car (i've put this on hold for years..)
3. go holiday with my parents (Mulu and Indo)
4. register for a postgrad prog
5. monthly hiking trip
6. read 100 books
7. buy a house
8. start on my lifetime dream
9. learn to make my own garment
10. buy myself a cosy sofa and bed
11. take picture(s), daily
12. write letter/ card to close friends and family (i used to do this)



Dy said...


#1: SUPER like. Mau join! (but erm, not 50 kgs) :P
#2: I can help sit next to you if needed :)
#3: CoolNEss!
#4: Tabik spring coz boleh lagi study!
#5: hmmmm... I'll support dari kaki bukit (kecuali Mt. Singai - that i wanna ikut
#6: What the what??
#7: YES, GOOD ONE... Buy more that 1 if can - good investment
#8: "dreams that are written = plan" Unknown
#9: Bukan oredi got kah this?
#10: Wah.. mau join shop around!
#11: A picture is more than a thousand words (ref #6!)
#12: Yes, something about hand written notes that gets to the heart

Here's to a great 2012!!

kukuanga said...

#10 mau cepat tu.. immediate goal after that is to have somebody to cuddle with.. mau kasi super cosy lagi.. muahahhahaha (evil!)

#9 belum tercapai bah that... belum pandai lagi mau buat. mau betul-betul buat lah this year. mahal mau buat even simple baju kurung sama tailor.