Monday, February 17, 2014

The Queen's Vow by C.W Gortner

The Queen's Vow by C.W. Gortner
I was in KK last week. my mom was warded for heart monitoring. so, i had to be there. she's okey, but, i know, me coming over meant a lot to her. i was rushing from office to catch my flight back to KK and i was away from office almost a week before, so, theres quite a lot to juggle before i eventually sat for my dinner at Mary Brown Kuching Airport (not the best place to get fried or 'broasted' chicken) that i'd realize, i'll be away for three days without book to read.

i was in the middle of Jared Diamond's Collapse (planning to finish reading this week) and darn! i forgot to bring that book. (seriously, its a super interesting book).

i got this book at my sister's in KK. she bought it for RM39.49 at times. historical-fiction is not exactly my favourite genre. i watched a lot of movies with this genre, though. 

and i find it easier to understand the book because i'd watch the whole season 1 of The Borgias. the theo-politic of the Vatican and its influence over Christian Kingdoms in Europe.

the beginning of the book is a tad boring. throughout the book, its narrated from Isabel's view. started with the death of his father, Juan II of Castile, she's 3 at that time. Then the story progressed to their life out of the palace, after her half brother, Enrique IV reigned. Isabel was portrayed  as a willful, stubborn and religious woman.

she broke stereotype by chosing her own husband. together, they unite Spain. along the way, she has to face racial tension between Jews and Christians

isabel, the queen of Spain was also the force behind Colombus adventures. 

the book is a good read. i particularly like the author's afterword at the back, where the author admitted the historical facts ommited and inconsistencies. 

my boss called me right after i typed the last para for a meeting. the initial idea for this post vanished (yes, the peril of not committing ideas in written form when its appear). I'll amend the post later. 

have a good week! i'm going to a fireball sale! yay!

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