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Sunday, February 9, 2014

attempts to shag

i'd done reading at least 3 books last month. 2 malay books published by ITBM. i need to re-read both, as my mind was busy with other things when i read them. 

i appreciate a very sound advice from a good journo on twitter "reading is being intimate with the subject, it needed care, attention and foreplay". 

sometimes, i think, i read, for the sake of reading something. reading, because its a habit, not caring for the outcomes or consequence of the read.

my recent visit to the Zoo Negara made me realize this grave mistake.

i was visiting the Zoo Negara in Hulu Kelang last friday (because a workshop scheduled for that day was canceled and its been more than 10 years since my last visit, and a wonderful experience i got from a visit to Zoo Dusit in Bangkok last year prompted me to have a see at our own 'city zoo'). the visit was terrible. (i'll write a post on this later). 

i sat on a bench in front of the lion enclosure. it was a very hot afternoon (few minutes to 3pm), i just need the space for myself and keeping a good distance away from the group with a very annoying toddlers in tow. a young couple with a stroller with baby in it passed by me and they too sat at the nearby concrete bench. the young couple was busy taking picture of their baby. i'd read from the info pad near the cage fence that lion sleeps 20-22 hours per day. 

in the enclosure, the lion and lioness were napping, then the lion woke up, licked the bottom of the lioness and initiated a very lame foreplay, the lioness opened her eyes, moved a bit. the lion got up and licked some more. the lioness stood and moved away, lion followed and tried to bite her at the back. lioness seemed bored and slumped back to nap. lion tried to bite her rump and shagged the very reluctant lioness. i'm not sure if any of them enjoyed the act. i, on the other hand, enjoyed the show very much. i know, i sound pervert. maybe, i am.

The journo's advice came to mind "don't rape a book, take your time to get intimate with it, get the pleasure of reading by getting into it. reading is an active participation"

maybe my last 3 book read was a bit like shagging a very reluctant partner.

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