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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Selamat Tahun Baru 2014

Selamat Tahun Baru 2014 because i cant possibly say HAPPY New Year 2014, right?

(ya, the grumpy old me is hitting) scream: PRICE HIKE YEAR. hahaha!

Anyway, a closure of 2013 and another resolution post for 2014. 

1. book-read
i read less than 40 books last year. about 10 half-read (not included in the book-read). i lacked the discipline of writing a post of my book read, or even listing it on my book read list. 
for 2014: i aim to read 36 books (about 10 days per book). i'm planning to go back to school this year, so most probably i'll spend more time reading journals. yeah, 36 is realistic, with a commitment to write a blog post of each book-read (i will no do review)

2. running
i ran 2 runs last year. Brooks (10km) and Kuching Spring run (21km). i chickened out for BIM (21km) and Penang Bridge (21km). both i registered and was at the receptive city but didn't go out to run. yes, i am ashamed of myself.
for 2014: i registered for brooks (21km), BIM (21km) will run at both event and will also go for Penang Bridge and Kuching-Spring run. at least 4 half marathon this year. i know, i can do this. i was a vegetarian by choice for 14 years, abstinence is sort of endurance and is what i do best.

3. writing
last year, i posted more on FB than on this blog. and also i get buzzed up on twitter, knowing so many interesting people twitting. nothing much on published write-ups though.
for 2014: 
BLOG: each post will carry a book, not a review. read my next post if you're curious.
FACEBOOK: i will post a close-to-my-heart issue on FB every 4 days, starting today (first post for 2014) [my FB is: Lydia Pilik]
TWITTER: will open another twitter account for my kids (they'd been dissing on why i don't follow them back on twitter, oh! duh, honey, its personal account. btw, its an open account so, anybody can take a peek @lmpilik)
PUBLISHED WRITE-UPS:i'm going back to school. i need to warm up writing reports etc. my aim is 4 published write ups.

4. traveling
last year, i went to Bangkok and Vientiane. i also went up Mt. Murud. finally, set my foot in Nabawan (interior of Sabah). one thing keep coming back to me, i must travel with my inner circle kibigans. we need a holiday together and also my family, we need a real vacation. 
for 2014: will go for Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta by end of Feb and extend the holidays to east java. no, i'm not interested to go to Bali. i am going hiking and maybe some rafting. family holiday (11 person) in September and solo travel in December. i will blog it out (with the book accompany), and my travels will be done at a very thrifty cost i assure you.

5. work 
i was swamped by works in 2013. mostly because, i didnt learn to prioritize, delegate and eliminate distractions. 
for 2014: 
i will seek help. 
i will delegate and empower colleagues and students
more than ever, i will rely on my trusted 'to-do-lists' and stick to it.
i will memorize all of my kids' name

6. hobby
last year, i think, i made 2 skirts for Eva. sew a pair of juvi's pillowcase (need to sew another 2_completely forgot about it). halfway stitching Fread's wall hanging bamboo cross stitch. 2 half done crocheted blanket. unbacked patched blanket. huarrrrrgh!
for 2014: i will finish all of the above. and will do a large colourful granny square blanket (300x 5' square). on everything else, i'll go easy.   

7. self-improvement
macam budu pula tu title. haha!
last year, i attended all-related to work course. no online course. 
for 2014: i will go back to school. writing up proposal, hunting for sponsor, begging for money. ha! i will also will attend at least 2 international seminar not directly related to my current job. and will finish at least one course online. will force somebody to invite me as a speaker for youth/ congregation. need to hone up communication skills too!

 too ambitious? naaah.. motto for this year? que sera, sera. what will be, will be.

The 2013 book read list will be updated during the weekend.

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