Monday, April 5, 2010

a fool's note

i was too lazy to update my blog for many reasons.

so, a quick one.

1. if you have to pick to visit Jakarta or Bandung. i'll recommend Bandung. for two reasons: the brownies and Andrea Hirata (he lives there!). try read his works: Laskar pelangi, Sang pemimpi, endensor, maryamah karpov. (bah, if movies your thing, try: Laskar pelangi). better yet, try to see Bogor-beautiful!

2. of all the kraken(s) appearance in movies, the kraken in Clash of the Titans= cutest. my rating for the movie? 6/10. i love the fighting with the scorpions scene tho.

3. I love international book fair. last march, i made my own record of books purchase: 33 books (i managed to read 6 so far). 10 books from the fair. books are way cheaper in Indonesia. damn the Airasia 15 kgs!

4. i lost my camera cable and i have yet to find my card reader. i am clumsy, i know.

5. green is still my favourite colour.


jenkays said...

hey..come on mare...updet..!! updet!!(u still owe me post for saigon food n places..)

1.bandung shopping was wild...danau cinta was romantik...laskar pelangi is just touching (pompuan paling cantik..padahal tgk tangan saja..hati berbunga2)
3.never seen so much people crazy about buying books in my life..
4.beli lah di carefour alamanda :P
5.Green tetap hijau:P

*when can i borrow ur dress? ;P

kukuanga said...

ahhh... to the point mare. bah, bila ko mau borrow?

woi... me sleepy gilor! watch the whole season 1 private practice last night. and tido almost 5.30 tis morning. bangun 7.00. and i am all emotional!