Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my new crush

My new crush

I was thinking of posting "waterfall". But, as a continuation of the film GREEN ZONE theme, i decided to post " i remember". Honestly, i'm not overly crazy over this guy's good look, good built, not so great music or even the voice. I am taken over by his words. The honesty in his lyrics. It's killing me!. Try listen to "tell me a lie", "better than love". and try not to like this guy. He's Griffin House.

I'm reading "turning thirty" for clear reason. It scares the hell of me! (not the book, the number)
I know, this too will pass, but how bergaya?

Most importantly (than what?), this weekend, i think i'll have my first date with a real Indonesian man on their soil. ahhh.. ngapain ni deg-degan jantung gwe?. oo. its not the jantung, its my perut. aduh ni.. srabi, soto, soda gembira, sotong bakar, (ahhh.. delman?)


jenkays said...

you made me crazy with the songs today...! sampai skrg masih mendengar...!terus buat aku lebih awe sama itu "bf" aku tu...

let's cari mamat indo dating sama delman juga...!

kukuanga said...

ahhhh... damien rice eh. i'd say 'bf' ko tu got some taste in music. ada dapt cari closer? hahahha.. i dont think ada lagi tu.

delman kepala ko! i'll show you very good book by indonesian writer. jadi, kita wajib ke Gramedia bookstore at Jl. Merdeka

and we shud hang out at JL. Dago@ Jl. Juanda. i heard, the bar there sgt bagus. lets check lah ye...

i dont think i'll have swimming suit. macam x muat tau.. wakakaka!

Gallivanter said...

Turning 30, it's inevitable, so just embrace it and live life to the max! :-D

I stop counting when I hit 30. Haha!