Saturday, January 9, 2016

Under The Dome by Stephen King

This is a thick book by Stephen King (and its been many years since i read any of his book). I stopped reading his book after 'The Girl who loved Tom Gordon'. Used to be a faithful follower of him when i was younger. 

In his notes at the end of the book, he confessed that, this book should be thicker than it is if his editor didn't interfere (i'm not sure if i'd read this book if its thicker than this). I spent more than a week to read this book. (and Mr. King spent more than 30 years mulling over the story). So, yeah, we both ended up well. 

I watched the TV series (same title -- Under The Dome) and was hooked on the story. My sister, Linda is a DVD hoarder and i watched the first season while having a break in KK, earlier last year. I initially planned to buy the book at Popular bookstore, but, its quite pricey and the thickness was overtly intimidating. I saw the book at BBW last december, sold at RM10. (Linda bought her copy from Harris- she said she cant wait for the DVD to know the ending of Chester Mill's fate).

My favourite character in this book is coincidentally named 'Linda' (i  think my sister will approve of that other Linda). I rooted for her and she's my motivation to read on till the end (just curious to see if her little family survived to the end)

If you can imagine being trapped inside a glass (like an aquarium, but in this case, its like a glass capsule) and be curious as to how that would be, this book might be for you.  The story of this book started with the appearance of  'the dome'. encapsulating a little town, named Chester Mill. The story then proceed to the town's struggles under the dome, up until their doomsday.

People reacted differently under pressure. The best way to know a person is to see them behaving /reacting under pressure. Work on a big project with crushing deadline, that's how we know instinctively (at our work place) who to trust and who to ignore. Or, for friends/ loved ones, try travelling with them. A week travelling together might show sides, you've never seen on them before.

Under The Dome makes me realize, that time is of essence in telling how precious we value our friends and families. You love them? show them by giving your time. And make the most out of it.  

First book done! 7/10

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