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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Come Let Us Celebrate

I'd done reading all of my January TBR (need to re-read Darling to write a post on it in February) and already started on my February TBR. The last book for my January TBR will be on this blog in  a few more days. I am super excited about that last book!

I made a promise earlier on this year that i will take at least one picture everyday and post some of my favourite for my month's highlight on this blog. So, i'll be doing that for this post. Celebrating littlest things in life.

I didn't make it to Siem Reap with my colleagues on the second week of this month, and i can't modify my flight bookings, because Airasia's Website gave me the puffed page. Wasted money there. Should be more diligent. I know.

Trying to form a habit by taking my dusk pictures everyday at 6.30 pm (or around that time). That's the view from my back balcony in Kuching. Behind those trees is a main road heading up to Serian. I am grateful for the trees to liven up my idea of living by the nature (resorts like. hahaha)

My favourite colour is green. Its pretty obvious, right?  The last picture (of green house) is the sulap on the hill at Mibang in my hometown, Ranau. Its very windy up there and i miss the place terribly.

The pictures are settled nicely in collage by a Picture Collage Apps.

February, come closer. More reasons to celebrate life. Chinese New Year and Valentine's. Cheers!

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