Saturday, January 30, 2016

5 Shortnotes You Need to Know Before You Visit The Magician's Land

#1 : Magician's Land Is Real.
You won't be reading this if you don't believe (no matter how tiny) in the existence of the Magician's Land (or similar entity).

#2 : Requirement(s) to Visit The Magician's Land.
No. You gdo not need to be a magician to visit. A few bucks and a little time for uninterrupted read shall do. I bought the book for RM10 at BBW sales last year and i spent a lovely Saturday afternoon for my read, i mean my ride.

#3 : Worthy to visit.
Compared to the last 2 books? I'd say, I like this one better than the second. But the first is definitely my favourite. Yes. This is the last installment of the Magician's Trilogy. The ending was smooth.

#4 : Favourite Magician.
My favourite magician in the series is Elliot. Awkward, drunkard, the least talented of them all. loyal friend to the end. You can have your pick too. Lots and lots of  magicians in The Magician's Land.

#5 : The Things Before The Magician's Land.
     I. The Magicians
    II. The Magician Kings

The Magician's Land by Lev Grossman.
It's okey if you haven't read the first two earlier books. This book can be read on its own. Though, with some difficulty of course. Like all good series, you need to know and root for certain character to really enjoy the read.

There was this one scene when Quentin was at Brakebills and need to get back to Earth because his father died. After the funeral, he tried to search for something of his dad's that will prove his dad was a somebody in the magicians world. The sad truth was, his dad was just a normal guy, one who didn't even loved his only son. Heartbreaking.

The Magician's Land is a perfect ending of the adventures of those young magicians. The end is like a home they longed for. Home is not a place, its not a person too (though many said its a person). its whatever it is that make you feel you belong to. Many people will travel this desert called life, never to find one. 

4th book done! 7/10

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