Friday, January 15, 2016

The Sum of Our Days by Isabel Allende

"How great the Father's love for us
 How vast beyond all measure 
 That He should give His only Son
 To make a wretch His treasure..."

No one will understand the pain of losing a child like a mother/father do. This book deals about the pain and longing of a loving mom to her dead daughter. 

She recounted the days when her daughter got sick to her dying day and afterwards, when they got visitations from her.

The Sum of Our Days is a captivating read. Mostly for the flow of beautiful prose describing daily happenings in their household and the honest (too brutal) descriptions of each family members (i don't envy any of them for having a lady-writer in the family).

Earlier on the read, i felt reluctant to read on, because, the book was written in a very intimate, confession-like manner. I felt as if i was intruding in an important and sacred personal seance.

But, as a dare and reading commitment for this year, which is; i wont abandon any book i'd started on reading, no matter how uninteresting or unreadable the book is.  I press on.

Halfway through the read, where Isabel recounted the day she met her husband, i cried. I cried for the description of "spiritual connection". It's a soul matter, beyond lust and mere affection. i cried because, i think, that's the only reason why i don't question much about my leap of faith in believing Jesus as my saviour. My soul is sold to that man up on the tree when i got that spiritual connection with him. 

I am  mighty glad i read another book by Allende. I read "Island Beneath The Sea" a few years ago and it leave a deep impression on me. This book, however reluctant i was at the beginning inspires me to get to know my family and close friends (that i consider my family) better and to fiercely hold on to them, loving them unconditionally. 

Second book done! 7.5/10

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