Sunday, January 13, 2013

who let the dog out?

i'm a lazy bum. i know. and now, i put up a comic book in my book read list. i know, pathetic. but, i did read it 5 times. i did. that ought to qualify it as a book read.
the comic strip Peanuts is one of my favourite and yes, eventhough snoopy denied being a Beagle, i'd love to think he is. amiable, gentle and eager to please. of all the dog breeds, i'd love to keep a beagle.

i was talking with my officemate last week about keeping a dog. he moved to his own house last year and because its a new housing area, cases of house breaking happened often. he's concern over their properties safety. his wife is an accountant with LHDN and travel a lot (she's overseeing state account), and our job also requires us to travel most of the time. but, because he's a muslim, he wont be able to keep a dog as a pet (its possible, but it'll be really, really tedious). so, he's feeding 2 stray dogs, who keep watch outside their gate.

That's the quality most endearing to us in a dog. their sense of loyalty. they never forget who feed them (whatever that suppose to mean). our kampung house never cease to have dogs. at any given time, we'd have 2-4 dogs at home. they're our door bell, alert buzzer and travel companion. and you'd be surprise how much a dog reflects its keeper's characters.

maybe that's why i wanted to keep a Beagle. i want my dog to reflect amiability, gentleness and eagerness to please. just, please dont call my dog or me, Snoopy. you'll lick your wound. 

p/s: my lembaga perumahan is not allowing its tenants to keep dog in the apartment. so, i'm keeping a stuffed snoopy instead in the house. and, ya, lots of snoopy PJ. Have a good week people!

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