Friday, January 11, 2013

Let's Run

Joe Bastianich (Pic by food and wine)
i dont have a list of things i want to accomplish this year. i usually kept one.

one of the thing i'm keen on doing this year is to start running. (ooo.. ya, to those who know me in person, you know i dont run). i can walk miles away, but not running. my sister went for her first 10K run (Penang Bridge Marathon) last year and she did pretty well. so, i thought, ya, why not?

we have registered for Brooks Half Marathon (march, 3rd in KL, RM53). i'm running my first 10K. they will run for their half marathon (21K). and, because i was sad and need a morale boost, i went ahead and registered for another marathon in May. for this one, i registered myself for half marathon (at least, if i fainted half way, i have my brothers to carry me home). yes, The Borneo International Marathon, in KK (may, 5th, RM70). just click to the links, both events are still open for registration.

i know i should start jogging to build up stamina. its raining hard daily in Kuching. ;) i know, its a lame excuse. and ya, i'm not expecting myself to run all the way to the finish line. i'd crawl, if i had to.

why run? do read Haruki Murakami's what i talk when i talk about running. Love the man. and in any case, you dont read but love watching AFC or whatever channel airing Masterchef USA, that super yummy, stylish and healthy looking Italian chef runs marathon (pic above).

ya, the ultimate goal for running would be: to be a healthy looking person. because, at the moment, i dont feel healthy. i'm sad, miserable, hopeless, lonely and need to run away bad.

p/s: Mount Murud in schedule for July. hop! hop! 


ppong said...

haha. bah beli treadmill!

Dy said...

YEAY!!! way to go!! start with brisk walking dulu lah... then pick it up - and buy exercise videos... those you can do at home to boost stamina - i've got one from Paula Abdul - by the end of 1 hour - i'd be huffing and puffing and BEGGING her to stop - but it's so damn satisfying! :) [erm, tapi sungguh lah lama it's berkulat in my drawer dah! hahaha]

Keep it up mate! :) (note: you look good always!;no matter!)

kukuanga said...

bah.. mana duit. kasi bank in bah.

i actually hv one aerobic vid. i ended up drinking tea, munching on biscuits, sitting on my big ball, watching them huffing and puffing. muahahahaha!