Sunday, January 27, 2013

insults for busy days

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oooooo... i'm so tempted to add this title to my book read list. but, it'd be wrong in so many ways. first, this neat, witty, hard covered little number requires little reading. second, you don't read this, you savour it and laugh your head off. third, reading this (i mean, looking at this) makes you instantly want to practice it right away to see if people who dont read got it (readers usually don't behave beastly like this). this book in short, is a bad read.

I'm currently reading Zafon's The Prisoner of Heaven. i miss the cemetery of forgotten books.

A small ant found a way to my ear passage and made my life miserable. its okey now, but battling the invasion was pure torment. and i lost precious hours of reading. ooo well. (at least, no TV over the weekend)

The book have to wait until Wednesday. Today and Tomorrow will be a busy days. Audit, Audit. haha! (i practice reading insults to ease up my busy days) ;)

have a good week people!

p/s have you heard of Ed Sheeran or Keri Jobe the ginger head boy is amazing, and Keri is singing gospel.
Do search Kiss me-Ed Sheeran, Steady My Heart - Keri Jobe and ya, while you're at it, do listen to Lifehouse (ft. Natasha Bedingfield) - Walking Between the Raindrops.


Dy said...

U've posted so the very many post! :) i didnt know which one i wanted to comment on :D

when ur audit days are over with, would you consider a date with this old lady? :)

Miss you lots!

kukuanga said...

telampau blues bh dy, thus the semangat..

audit day only one day (tuesday 29/01). prep days yang panjang. hahhaa..

always available for date tis. since the bf is far away and mcm mau kasi divorce me juak. adess..hahha.. buzz me.

Dy said...

muahahahhaha... bah, baiklah... after 1st feb aku peladang anggur, makanya, bisa aja keluar dong! :D

jenkays said...

How about dating me too....kind miss lepaking with friends...

kukuanga said...

cik jen..u high maintanence. hv to fly br dapat date.. hahhaha! see u end of february. i'll be in KL then.