Friday, January 25, 2013

in need of a quickie? ;)

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i used to despise reading short stories. it felt like cheating. snacking, instead of eating a full course (like, thicker, longer novel~i'm hoping to make that sound sexy, if you dont get that, its your prob). but, i'm changing my mind. i like reading short stories, at least a good one like the ones in this book.

This is the second book in a 4 book series by Oxfam. The main reason why i picked this book last december was because the book's on sale (50% off from normal price RM29.90). i tried to get all 4 books but only managed to get book #1 Earth and #2 Air. so, i'm still hunting for book #3 and #4. these books are worthy to read.

written by contemporary Brits and Irish writers, Ox-Tales undoubtedly are those rare good anthologies.  and i mean, really, really good. if it makes you feel better, knowing all royalties for this books go to Oxfam, ya, you bought the book and you contributed to Oxfam good cause. but, never mind that. get the books, its a good read.

my favourite story in this book#2 would be DBC Pierre's "Suddenly Doctor Cox". because in real life, in my kampung, we have our own Suddenly Doctor Cox. Gumat the undying man. He's our local super con man, once, he faked his own death to collect condolence money from several YBs. his death was even aired on radio, the whole kampung waited for the ambulance carrying his body home for burial. then, he appeared, alive and well, hence Gumat the undying man

But, it's Alexander's Still Life that seal the deal of me taking this book. the idea of separation by air, is elegantly, romantic. and i cried reading this, because i knew the feel of wanting so much and yet not having it because of the air aint right.

Ox tales is an awesome quickie. ya, it makes you desperate for more. 

have a good weekend people!

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