Monday, October 31, 2011

BOOK: City of Thieves by David Benioff

i tried perming my hair once and was chided by my younger brother for looking so 'timorese'. but, i really love curly, fluffy hair. ikal-ikal gitu. however, i stick to my straight hair (after a year of failed permed hair). i dont know how others did it, but, i refuse to spend hours to tidy up my hair. so, i'll just go with my straight, no fuss hair. it's not glamorous, but, its certainly not disastrous either.

NOT Eric Bana. David Benioff

(now, you got what i mean by loving curly locks eh?--- look at his hair! YOU'd die to run your fingers to that lovely head).

two innocent prisoners, Lev and Kolya were thrown together in a mission to find a dozen of eggs. sound easy? this was in 1941, in the coldest winter in history, in a starving city under siege. they were given 6 days to fulfill the mission or they'll die. they scoured St Petersburg for eggs and chicken. after failing to get any (they did get a rooster), they traveled out of Piter. they got involved with the Partisan and held by German soldiers after trying to save some prostitutes. their salvation came when a senior officer agreed to play chess with Lev (he's very good with chess). thrown together in the deal is a dozen of eggs if they win. they killed that senior officer and Lev managed to runaway with the dozen of eggs and sent it to the colonel just in time. Kolya died protecting Lev. the eggs are for the colonel's daughter's wedding.



Dy said...

Goshh!!!! Yes!!! i'd just DIE to run my hair through those glorious locks!!!

Erk, meh aku bagi telur bercrack - crack supaya no one dies!

kukuanga said...

lawak ni cerita Dy! and tragic at the same time jua..he's the writer for X-men:wolverine, kite runner etc. screenplay

how's logos?

Hidayah Ismawi said...

They must like eggs almost as much as I do :)