Monday, October 17, 2011

BOOK: For All The Tea in China by Sarah Rose

For All The Tea in China

Earlier this year, i made a list of 'must do' this year. #12. read more of culture and history. this is the first 'history' book i managed to read so far.

the first book from BBW book sale i finished reading. it's a petite volume, so it took just a few hours to get done. Jane took picture of this book with my other treasures from the book sale. click to her blog.

this book caught my eyes not because it's a history book. its the plant's outline that hooked me. (if you ever cross-stitched, you'll know what i mean), and i did amateurish plant sketches when i was younger and eager to study them (theses in environmental science with a chapter of plant taxonomy). and i am a tea drinker. how can i resist a book with acaption on it's cover: how England stole the world's favorite drink and changed history?

England accumulated it's wealth in the East by East India Company's monopoly over opium and tea trade. however, the company had no influence over tea price, as the best tea were produced far inland of China. Chinese are mischievous and intelligent businessmen, and they controlled the price of their produce. thus, began the dream of the Company to produce their own tea. but that require seedlings and technology of making tea, which was known only to the grower in the remote places of China. and the greatest quest of all, they need to do it in big scale with utmost secrecy. came Robert Fortune, a passionate horticulturist, great spy and thief, a brave adventurer. he's the man responsible for stealing seedlings and transporting them safely to Saharanpur, northern India for planting. he also stole the skill of tea-making by transporting experts from China to India.

as always, my synopsis is oversimplified. this is a great read with no footnote of references to distract from straight reading (eventhough, i have to admit, i love footnotes). and the author made this book as simple as possible by giving general basic information before probing deeper into each subjects.

BTW, i drink Lipton. Polos*

*Polos = Just tea. no sugar, cream or lime added. (indo lingo, teh polos)


jenkays said...

i think this might be the type i will read...

kukuanga said...

nipis jak ni jen.. baca satu page satu hari..

jenkays said...

tp kena tunggu pad baru boleh hehehe