Thursday, October 6, 2011

in no particular order

we managed to handle the mid-term exam okey-ly.
18/46 of my diploma kids failed chemistry. devastating.

Steve Jobs died.

PM abolished ISA and proposed a more humane acts (?)

that loud Chinese guy keep on hitting on Lim Guan Eng (i started to feel really sorry for him-Lim)

i bought 'Ainuddin Pejuang Melayu Degil' and think its a very well written book. thoroughly researched.

Alternately reading Straub's a dark matter and Grossman's The Magicians. not really wise, as i tend to mixed them up. i'm experimenting on how my mind compartmentalizes. Next, George Eliot's Silas and Poe's collection of short stories.

The mere mention of Bosou (pekasam) mengecurkan air liur. its foolish to even think of satiation. mana mau cari owh?

Budget announcement is due this afternoon.

i read the ETP's exec summary after watching 'Eat that peanut' video. somehow it shifted my mind to believe, the transformation is actually achievable. realistically. we, shall make this work.

i should be writing a book review/ synopsis. instead this list for a blog post. pathetic. i know.


Dy said...

hehhehe... lamak sik dengar berita kitak... bila mo keluar date kita?

jenkays said...

kamek mo join juak mun kitak duak kluar date...:P

kukuanga said...

bala do'

swamped with works, our final xm is early nov. hv to gv xtra classes sama 2 bebudak yg gagal mid-term. (terus i perasan, i sgt dedikasi.. muahahahaha! there goes my 'pahala')