Sunday, October 16, 2011


updates on the killing attempt at BBW.

it was glorious and i'm not exaggerating. the turnout was unbelievable, people actually bought books by boxes, and who says Malaysian doesnt read?. oh.. ok, buying books and actually reading it is entirely different matter. but, still... my point is, if the price is okey, people might consider buying more books and eventually read it.

i almost cried looking at so many youngsters eager faces, considering and reconsidering on which book to haul, and i totally get them (i was them, once, decade ago-sigh!-tight budget) . i even overheard some of them negotiated with each other to assign who bought which books for book swap later on.

i spent a little over RM500. with more than 60 books, half of it hard covers, i'd call that a real bargain. (i usually got 4 paperbacks and maybe a couple of magazines for Rm150-my monthly allocation for books). my only regret is the Nora Roberts' purchase, i was always reluctant to get acquainted with her works. but, for RM8 per book, i thought, i have nothing to lose. after all, i have a sister who read cerita pontianak/ hantu jerangkung, i'll just dump all those books to her. so, congratulation Pong, you have your Christmas present a bit early this year.

thank you: Jen, for the ride and help hauling the books (i'll bring more homemade jeruk to you. muahahaha..). BookXcess, for the sale and BX's helpful staff, thank you guys.

to those who missed the BBW, your loss.


jenkays said...

i might just settle for jeruk as habuan to support ur crazyness of books....

kukuanga said...

jeruk lah juga yang paling menang kan? next time sy bw kedondong. promise.