Tuesday, October 26, 2010

owh.. i did it again

i fall in love with our pastor's son, a long time ago. he's good looking, artistic and super moody. his name is Azril.

Did i said he's artistic?. o.. he did a bit of music. he was strumming on his dad's guitar one day and i asked him what song was he trying to play (i was tone deaf, to his music taste, i guess). with 'what-a-super-dorky-question-is-that'? expression on his face. he sternly replied 'anak monyet la. itu pun kau tidak tau?'.....'oooo' was all i managed to say. truth to be said, none of the keys made sense. btw, he's 4 years old. now (3 years later), i think, he's good with his guitar already.

sometimes, i wonder if i speak to my kids with Azril's enthusiasm to his music but nonsensical to other's ears. and believe me, i can be more than a little enthusiastic talking about things i like (like chemistry- ya, come roll on your eyes).

many times, i wonder, if in my lectures, the lessons intent transpired to the students or not. Today, for example, after a whole semester of teaching the fourth semester students Health System Research, after hours of drilling them to write the final report in correct format. a pack of stubborn faces come with a compilation of poorly prepared reports. i'm compelled to scream, but that would be so unprofessional. through clenched teeth i showed them which part needs re-surgery. (i mean, re-writing)

you only need to poke me with your finger to make me burst. today.

i still have a soft spot for good looking, artistic and moody students. Azril was in my sunday school class. ya, i'm a sunday school teacher also. the one, who stuffed them with Bible stories and questions hard enough for their moms to answer.

good advice for a teacher (or anyone in the teaching profession): think patient. and try be.


ppong said...

I think the real name is hazreal. I babysit him a few times, he is real easy to handle actually.

haha, remember the time he only-eat-bread-week, that kid really is something.

Dy said...

Nilaini why teaching is a total no no for me... mau biru itu budak hari - hari kena tumbuk me. Hehehe.

kukuanga said...

temptation to tampar was there k.. always.

iya, bikin geli hati bah tu budak.