Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kurt Cobain

the tag

A reminder for 'why i love this tee so much' - mostly because it's green, it's freshly laundered and smell super nice, because i miss all those who were there when we purchased the tee, and the word 'mum', makes me think of my mom. and i love the tag. and because, it reminded me of a very good looking sanguine boy (who sang a Creed's song) who, won a karaoke competition and a nerdy boy who did his best sereneding Saleem's jauh kau pergi meninggalkan diriku...(btw, i was the lucky bitch to judge the competition, and i swear, i judged purely on the voice qualities. incidently, that Creed boy sang beautifully and the nerd sang off tempo). All unfairness asides, life itself, is full of unfairness. just so, i'm reminding myself.

its not just a tag of a favourite tee, its a reminder of good things in life. and i am counting my blessings.


Dy said...

am reminded of this song pulak baca ni post

Bila tofan d’ras melanda hidupmu
Bila putus asa dan letih lesu
Berkat Tuhan satu – satu hitung lah
Kau nescaya kagum oleh kasihNya


Thanks for reminding me to count my blessing :) and i love that tag so the very muchie!!!

kukuanga said...

best kan? macam contagious plak the 'reminder'. but, really, the most important thing in life is to be content with whatever we have. regardless.

aku suka ini baju dy!

jenkays said...

it's all the unfairness...!! :P sila rujuk sms aku yg emo that nite..!

ppong said...

minggu unfair sedunia kah ni? wuahha..

jenkays said...

let's be like kurt corbain..! change haluan hidup secara drastik..!(bukan suruh bunuh diri ah!!) just tukar..!

kukuanga said...

muahhahahah.. sms yg sungguh emo.