Sunday, October 3, 2010


i'm green with envy with them who feasted their eyes out on hot guys during the weekend.

so, i had James Bond for weekend (6 latest movies). in this order, 1. quantum of solace 2. Casino Royale 3. the world is not enough 4. tommorow never dies 5. die another day 6. Golden eye. many changes from one movie to another. the only constant is Lindy Hemming-the costume designer. (what a job to dress hot guys!).

this is my favourite James Bond. dont ask me why. (He's hot lah!)

Daniel Craig
we (me and the new class girls) were discussing our favourite movie the other day. when i mentioned James Bond, they were like.. urgh! (the pontianak movies they love. which i missed in whole. i dont read Meyer. the only vampire book i ever read was Stoker's, and that completed my education in vampireism.). but they do, knew James Bond. They agreed on Pierce Brosnan being the handsomest of the lots. and completely boooed me for my Bond choice. whose yours favourite Bond ?

and no. 007 is not my favourite movie (series). it's Bourne. whats your favourite movie/series?
and no. i dont read either Fleming nor Ludlum.
and no. i am not going to buy TV set.

this is a positive sign of loneliness and dire need to stop by any bookstore. I'm trying to listen to Hansard, with dry eyes. failed miserably. anybody knew where can i get the movie DVD?


jenkays said...

itu cerita zaman dulu sudah..!aduh i sound so old..!i use to watch 007 never missed i think the last i watch was pierce brosnan (aduii tia tau spell itu nama)..!lepas tu i lost track sudah..!

kukuanga said...

ooo... mare.. you shud tengok this daniel craig. he's a hunk. bloody hot!

ppl say.. 007. evergreen bah. not some cerita dolok2 jak.

Dy said...

daniel IS a hunk. But it's still pierce who does it for me. Unfortunately. Haha. He does it for me even when singing in Mamma Mia!

No need to get a tv set. Really. Nanti tia juga kena turned on that :)

kukuanga said...

the singing factor. pierce was in this one movie, set in Ireland. i cant remember the title. but, i love him in that movie. not as Bond.

woho! kalau ada Tv, i wont think of anything else but watch the tube. and i'll ended up hating myself. i'm saving myself from self-loath.

Tina said...

Thanks for looking in the other day. My latest post is a bunch of jokes, if you need cheering up.

I was never a fan of 007 but did watch Sean Connery a few times when he was the Bond. The most good-looking has to be Pierce! I remember him from the TV serial Remington Steel.