Monday, February 12, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

My first post for 2018.

At the beginning of this year, i made a promise to at least post one post on this medium per month. Just to keep the blog going (because looking back - i mean, reading back all of my old posts- make me realize, keeping a record of thought-process or some sort of diary helps me to see myself more clearly).

Classmates (UiTM 2017, 2nd graduation dinner)

So, i enrolled myself to a four-semester programme at UiTM Samarahan in March last year. Another 2 semester to go before i finish the course and i'm nervously waiting for my 2nd semester's results at the moment, scheduled coming out this 15th Feb. I am almost sure i'll pass all papers. More concern with grades. Its a fun experience. Having full class every weekend, saturday and sunday. Trying hard to balance work loads and assignments. so far, i'm doing okey. i enjoy the busyness. 

The only thing i have to give up in doing this programme might be the time restriction on reading books i like (fictions, history etc). Need more time reading articles and books relating to my course, and the course is super fun (my classmates are all awesome). I'm learning public finance, policy analysis etc. Things i never thought i'd be landing (accidentally at work), therefore important for me to understand it truly. 

I am glad i'm doing this course. 

3rd semester will commence in March, 2018. I am putting my class on hold until after i come back from Jakarta for JJF. At the moment, i am savouring my semester break with reading buku-buku receh and catching on watching sappy old dramas. I will post on those (hopefully) in the coming weeks. 

It's been 3-weeks non-stop rain in Kuching. The weather calls for snuggling in bed, reading with snacks. gilalah. gemuk. 

Its February. Happy New Year.

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