Friday, February 23, 2018


Java Jazz Festival 2018
I am super excited to be in Jakarta this March for the JJF 2018. My annual visit to Jakarta since 2014. This year i'll be at the Fest with my favourite people: Aunty Amas! (aunt Betty) and DC, Ed and wife. Last year i was there all by myself. Met Ed on the second night of the Fest tho. 

Jakarta is still the irritating city in SEA. I hate the congestion and uncleanliness. The people are mostly charming and the place is so huge that every year i try to teach myself to be familiarize with certain nooks of the city. Last year, i stayed at a kost near Plaza Indonesia, 5 mins walk to Tanah Abang and 2 mins to Sarinah. i ate dinner everyday at the same Warung until the girls there are familiar with me. Going everywhere with ojek and dependent on wi-fi at the kost for info and planning. 

This year, i planned a bit ahead for the Fest. Mostly, because i need to pacify my heart to go on with loads of assignments for rewards - this holidays. I bought the ticket for 3-day concerts in December 2017. its about Rp950,000. Then, bought my flight tix. KUL-CGK-KUL for a bit more than RM300. The KCH-KUL-KCH were added on later on for RM223. The overall tix fare will go a bit high up, because i need to add on luggage capacity for CGK-KUL and KUL-KCH. because, we girls will sure shop. 

I will make a detailed itemized expanses later on for future references. This year, i am extending my JJF holiday to a full week gallivanting in Jakarta. i will post lots on food and their old buildings. hopefully i will remember to take pictures (i usually forgot when i'm too engrossed with things i love). Also, i will get books and finger crossed, go see local movies. 

As for JJF lineups, go head up to JJF2018. Apps for the Fest also available. 

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