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Monday, August 5, 2013

Murud Series: 1.2 Google Up, the Clouds of Information are Hanging Low

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1.1 Get Ready, Lace Up Your Adidas Kampung - My lists of things to bring up to Mt. Murud

1 Raja Raja 19:11a ...."keluarlah dan berdiri di atas gunung itu di hadapan Tuhan"..

1.2   Google Up, the Clouds of Information are Hanging Low

Ya, maybe i should have put this one as the first post for my Murud series.  

But, after reading my first post, aren't you more curious to know what's the hype is this Murud thingy? 

Here are some of (hopefully) helpful links for information about Murud.

A neat website with good info. I'm not sure whose maintaining/administering the site. I called all 4 numbers on their contact list, all numbers are active. The first two picked the phone and a good sports at random people (me) calling them up confirming they're still reachable or not. The last two didn't pick my call. 

Abandoned blogspot. The last post was dated Feb 19th, 2012, pointing to their new website. its a good site to read up past revival meetings. 

Abandoned blogspot. The post was dated March, 27th 2011. If you're interested in knowing culture and people (Lun Bawang) safeguarding Mt. Murud, this is a good place to start. 

Active Blogger (Lun Bawang Lady living in KL, or that's what the blogger's profile revealed). Latest Post was dated March, 08th 2013. This is a wonderfully written blog in a first person's perspective of being a Christian, Lun Bawang and things entail. Reading her posts will give you a glimpse of understanding of this close-knitted tribe.  

Active blogger (Lun Bawang lady living in Kuching). Happen to be a dear friend of mine. :)

There's a lot of blogs/ Youtube posts regarding pelayanan doa gunung murud. Take your time and surf on. Get as much information as needed and pray for God's guidance in deciding to go or not to go. Your ability to discern God's calling will hugely impact the whole experience. 

okey, next question:
How to reach Ba Kelalan? (base point to climb up Mt. Murud) 

2 options : By air or By land

By air
Arrive at Ba Kelalan airport. MAS Wings rural service is the only option here. (Read of my resentment with their poor service here). click on the the link above to check on their available flights. if you're flying in from outside Borneo, pick any city in Sarawak (or Kota Kinabalu in Sabah) as a transit point.

By land (4WD)
few options:
1. Miri -----Ba Kelalan
2. Lawas ----- Ba Kelalan
3. Kota Kinabalu ---- Lawas ---- Ba Kelalan
the options are based on your transit points. 
Example of my route (coming in) Kuching ---(flight)--- Miri---(flight)--Ba Kelalan. (Going out) Ba Kelalan---(4WD)---Lawas---(flight)---Miri---(flight)---Kuching

I dont recommend travelling by land. the road is a logging road, in dry season, it'll be dusty (if you're lucky like me and sat inside the double cab, it's bearable, but, if you sat at the rear part of the truck it'll be another tale to tell) and in wet season, it'll be too muddy.

okey, last question for this chapter.
How to arrange for accommodation and food? 

Pre arrange with the locals, befriend a Lun Bawang. Chances are, they might be related to someone in Ba Kelalan. *wink, wink* Diana arranged everything for us.

We, now have a house (family) in Ba Kelalan. One, according to Ukab, needs no jemputan to come. I half-jokingly texted him.
            me: ok. sy dtg rumah korang p makan after 5 pm
         ukab: datang saja la. x pyh tny dtg sja.  
I might take on that offer. ini orang pantang dijemput. 

But, how about you, unlucky lone ranger? Do contact them at this website. The Lun Bawang are very hospitable people. They will arrange things for you, once you confirmed of coming. (they don't even have the word equivalent to 'thank you', indicating abounding generosity, words are not necessary for its mutually understood). A concept that doesn't make sense to us, who used to get spanked by our mom for not saying 'pounsikou' when receiving/given something. 

next.. 1.3 Nepenthe, drink up and let go

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