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Monday, August 5, 2013

Murud series: 1.1 Get Ready, Lace up Your Adidas Kampung

adidas kampung. pic from

My Murud story will come in 3 installments. This would be the pre-Murud sort of thing, things you need to prepare for the hike, basic information and general info of going and lots of my ramblings, hiking up.

The second would be more on the personal lesson learnt (spiritually). Or if we can use the word, personal divine encountering here (ya, it sounds too boogey) ;)

The last post would be the story of my experience in Ba Kelalan and Lawas (i have this idea of writing up about those white birds dancing in the distance, or, well maybe, i'll ended up writing about buffaloes or a little bit of all those mentioned). ya, i have no idea what to write. but, basically, that's the rough ideas.

I've just drafted the main points for introductory post, i'll type it out tomorrow. Need to sleep on the contents. Posting this up, so i have the motivation to get it done.

Edit: Decided to write a shorter, numerous posts. I hate long post and I want each post to glory in its own elements. 

1 Raja Raja 19:11a ...."keluarlah dan berdiri di atas gunung itu di hadapan Tuhan"...

1.1 Get Ready, Lace Up Your Adidas Kampung

Lydia's List of Essentials for Murud Trip
1. Adidas kampung
tips: get a size larger than your usual shoes, make sure you get the spiked one. because everybody with good sense will use this sturdy rubber shoes, up there, there'll be hundreds of look alike pairs. Put your personal 'sign' on your shoes to avoid mistaken identity.
2. Torch light
tips: get a headlamp, its light and easy to carry.

3. flip flop/ selipar jepun
tips: get the flashiest, one of a kind type of flip flop. make sure its sturdy, lightweight and waterproof. 

4. warm clothes
tips: jacket/ sweater/ thermal clothes. the temperature up there vary from 8-18C.

5. sleeping bag
tips: get a good one appropriating the temperature. you will sleep better with a good sleeping bag.

6. sarong 
tips: bring two. one for bathing. the other for changing into dry clothes after bathing (if, indeed you're brave enough to bath!) and other purposes. 

7. cash. ya, you never know what you can do with your cash up there.

Not Essential but Very Good To Have for Murud Trip
1. Mat. i brought my underused yoga  mat and it was really useful as a mat to sit on in the church and as a sleeping mat put under my sleeping bag.
2. snow cap. i brought my hand-crochet beanie and it helped me to sleep soundly at night
3. scarf. i didnt bring scarf and i was envious of them who have the sense to bring along a scarf
4. camera. or travel with shutterbugs.
5. note book. i leave mine at Ba Kelalan and its a bad decision.
6. socks. bring lots of it. i brought 6 pairs!
7. wet tissue. super useful for personal hygiene.  
8. hot water flask. i brought my KFC tumbler and i am glad i hoisted it up the mount.  

If you have a safe place to leave some of your belongings at Ba Kelalan. Do leave your handphone or other electronic gadgets there. No cell reception up the mount. and you don't need too much distractions from outside world when you set an appointment with God. right? 

next.... 1.2 Google up, the clouds of information are hanging low. 


jenkays said...

I kinda notice org pakai kasut adidas kampong with stoking bola adidas...macam memang fit for kampong hiking style...hehe can't wait for the post!!

kukuanga said...

macam pigi main bol kan jen? hahaha.. thats the usual 'uniform' to hike up. itu yang paling selesa.

Dy said...

Heck, now it's my turn to wanna do a mini post of each your point! hahahha... keep em coming! :)

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