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Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Midnight Club by James Patterson

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I was at my foster family's house last night, having dinner (iftar) and stayed there until 10 pm. I stayed until late, because i felt sorry for not being with them for Raya. While chatting, the TV was airing TV3 Buletin Utama* (absolutely not my main worthy to mention newsfeed) (the TV at home  conked out since earlier this year, and i'm too broke to afford a new one).

The main story on BU TV3 was the Beverly Hills (KK) shooting.

What is happening in our country nowadays? is this a new emergence of organised and violent crime in Malaysia?. Read the typical, the Malaysian Insider's cover story here. Read, what Idris Jala has to say on this matter here, and this very interesting commentary on how's all these crazy happenings affecting our country, financially speaking.

So, the fiction i read in The Midnight Club might be realer than i thought it could be. Forget New York city, even small, (highly infested by illegal aliens) city like KK also can be featured as the new range, killing field, execution style street-shooting.

I just hope, the head of our country's men in blue heeds the article written by Mr. Benjamin here. Sorely, we need a dedicated men in the force (maybe, akin to Stefanovitch and Parker in my book read, minus the street law enforcement, of course). As of now, our men are too preoccupied doing other things, enforcing laughable matters. 

satirical: and its sad. pic from

This week, we will celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Let us celebrate the festive season as Malaysians,  focusing on our common ground, drawing strength from shared values and traditions. We are (despite all those hocus pocus) still a peace loving nation. Selamat Hari Raya, Happy Holiday.


jenkays said...

where are you going for raya? I haven't decided yet too..maybe just hibernate in my cave..! :P
Negara kita sudah macam cerita2 hong kong and jipun yg yakuza...! Hidup Malaysia!!

kukuanga said...

climbing up a hill nearby Kuching. will go there on the 1st-4th day of Raya with my kids.

#syukurmalaysiamasihaman. Tongue in my cheek.

happy hibernating.

Dy said...

hahahah... yes, i am thankful kita masih aman. And yet, I am really thankful for being in Borneo - or in sarawak - where we can be who we are, and yet still loving and accepting orang lain as they are. PTL.

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