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Thursday, April 19, 2012

ya. you're supposed to look at the rainbow in the picture.

hujan panas, ku pandang awan mega
warna lapis tujuh bercahaya
orang tua kata ular naga
mencedok air dalam telaga
kalau tunjuk, tangan jadi kudung
rupa-rupanya itu cerita bohong

Do you know this song? i learnt this in school, sometime back in the late 80's. harsh truth eh? i grew up believing rainbow to have magical power. not the kudung thing, of course. my mom used to tell us not to go out in hujan panas, because the hot and cold tombiruo* are fighting and will affect our health. she also told us not to shout at rainbow, as it will awaken the tombiruo in charge of the colours and might offended the spirit. when i was 11, we learned in science class that rainbow is an optical result of light reflection through droplets of water causing spectrum of light to appear.

Rainbow is one of the sign of God's enduring love and the promise of hope (to those who read the Bible, its in Genesis). my heart skipped a beat every time i saw a rainbow. i never purposely go out and play in the rain hujan panas, but, i certainly almost always took a few minutes to stare outside the window, looking for rainbow. never mind the tombiruo thing.

because i'm beginning to feel healthy and because it's been two days in a row we had late afternoon rain in Batu 7, giving promise of rainbow sighting.

*tombiruo = spirit of the dead/ spirit

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