Friday, April 27, 2012

for 4-8 years old (in us)

ooooo... i'm so tempted to buy and mail this book to my sister who work at a construction site and let the book tell her on the importance of a good night sleep. but, i'll hurt her pride by doing that. this is for 4-8 years old.

i'm attending a colleague's daughter's birthday party tomorrow and i'm getting her a book for a present. that's my earnest effort on converting her attention to book. i know, i'm doing good deeds. in hope, she'll grow up loving books better than watching ASTRO. (Can we just fire parents who allow their kids watching TV for hours on?). hahahha... iyala.. i'm no mum, senanglah cakap.

let's see if i can find any good book for one pegawai, demoted to a filing clerk position. ya, i'm trying to cheer you up. (lame joke, i know).


jenkays said...

sila lah cari buku yg sesuai dgn gwe ya...but instead..can you get me a knitting gear... hahaha. i think i want to get into knitting instead of waiting for the moon to smile at me everynite mahir supaya boleh kasi jual !

kukuanga said...

muahahahhaha... knit bugs. boleh dipertimbangkan that cik..