Thursday, June 9, 2011

skeins that skinned me

i really should post this in my other blog, since this relates to my cross-stitch project. i have this beautiful peacock picture for cross stitch and a senior colleague will retire in october. he once commented on how beautiful cross-stitch hangings are. so, i'm making this for his retirement gift. (i certainly wont hang a peacock on my wall!)

i dont know about your place, but it's a bit hard to get DMC floss here in Kota Sentosa, Kuching. i have to hop from one store to another to get all the colours, and the quantity of skein per colour is also limited. and it's RM1.60 per skein!, last year, its only RM1.40. and for this particular project, i need about 23 colours, 92 skeins.

so i thought it's a clever of me to get a deal from e-bay, USD100, 275 skeins + 5 arranging boxes and 100++ ziplock plastic baggies for the thread. the shipping cost is USD62. pandai. so, per skein i'm paying RM2.00. i just failed my domestic economy 101. i'm paying extra for the boxes and the baggies, yes? as if i need those that much. but, hey, they're pretty neat. and the lady in Iowa is so charming! and finally, i got the chance to activate my PayPal account.

Oh, yes, lets just say, the skeins really just skinned me off my tight budget. we're planning a trip to negara orang yang lebih maju and i refuse to sleep in their lovely park. hence the arahan menghimpit belanjawan bulanan.


Night Lian said...

if u have extra, wall in my house is ready to hang the peacock..hehehe
tabik la sama ko ging, wah, u have the kesabaran to finish it..walaoweee

kukuanga said...

extra apa barang encik..
mau bikin yang satu itupun rasa nak leput. mau bikin yg tu pun, because mau bagi retirement gift yang boleh dikenang2. hahahhahaha..

kau tunggu mau retire dululah baru ada satu. hahahha.. c jen pny retirement gift pun macam pending jak tu sekarang... wakakaka..

Dy said...

hahaha... aku mau see the extra boxes and baggies please! hehehe...

I know where to go when i need some DMC floss ;)

jenkays said...

y didn't you transfer money to me and i get it in mydin :P cheaper then RM2 per skeins kihkihkih....

retirement aku put on hold sejak aku pindah tempat ini....all i do now is blog,FB n YM..and get fat wakakakaka

kukuanga said...

mydin manada DMC floss..

boleh.. boleh.. lambat lagi sampai tu.. haahhah. bila date ni cik?