Monday, June 20, 2011


i love the idea of minimal usage of words to transpire something. or better still, with no words at all. But, only few people can do that with satisfactory result. the millions of us, have to rely on words. that's why FB is such a hit. and blogger like us, write and feed our own soul with words (most of the time, with no substance at all)

lovers should understand this most intimately. a little nod, sly smile and bamm! a go.

parents to their children. my parents never cease to amaze me with their extrasensory perception, my Gapa, for example, once, called me and asked if i was okey, and it was the third day in a row, my heart's in my throat, choked of depressions. but, how would he knew that? i said, i was okey and asked why he asked. and he said, o, having a bad dreams this past few days. bugger!, i suspected in depressed state, i released more radical ions and they went up to their original orbit in my dad's subconcious system and spread the news. how else?

we abuse words on the not so important things in life. but, when it comes to what matter the most, words fail. the heavier things in life, require more weight than mere words. action speaks louder. sometimes, (as of late, i learnt) a text sent was not as important as the act of actually sending it off. the idle talks and laughs between meal was just a poser for the act of actually being there on a date. the enjoyment came not from the conversation itself. but, from the connection. that deep down, you know, the other got you.

that's the level of knowing, i acknowledge as the climax in human relationship. the sense of belonging. and sorry, you cant bribe into one with words alone. unless of course, if you could write as good as this dude. he's unbelievably thrifty with words and yet manage to sully my heart to tears. thats what i hate of poetry. they pretend to belong, without me understanding a line.

sorry for this lenghty post. Pamuk poisoned my mind with his "New Life". and the picture, a teaser, i know.


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