Thursday, June 2, 2011


i'm away for long holiday break in my home state. our family Kaamatan* celebration went well. we went picnic in the morning and dinner in the evening. we really should do that more often. it was quite fun. i'll put on pics soon.

i brought home, Dr. Hidayah's books, with intention to read and write reviews. but, so far, i havent finished reading any. i bought two books in KL a day before i flew home. that too lay dormant in my backpack. the holiday mood seep through me thoroughly, making it hard to concentrate on reading, however light. i spent too much time watching movies on DVD. my sis have quite a collection.

Two days of movie marathon, about 8 movies down, only two worth mentioning: Black Swan and The Blind Side. Black Swan for, Oh! so there seductions (it's a very sexy film) without being too pornographic. The Blind Side for, Oh! glorious tresses and fine outfits. and finally i watched Hikayat Merong Maha Wangsa, which requires a post on its own. the movie was impressive, minus the Chinese princess and her handmaiden and the mirror laser, the fake tiger's skin, and the tattoos and way too white....ya, better create a separate post eh?

A bit late, but better late than never, here's my wish to all Dusuns: Kopiinsanagan do Tadau Kaamatan and to the Dayaks: Selamat Gawai. May we truly understand the spirit of the celebrations.

* Harvest (festival)


merapuswz@webber said...

kotobian tadau tagayo do Kaamatan Kukuanga. :D..btw i got myself Tun's book : A Dr. In the House..but havent started reading it yet.. huhuh..

kukuanga said...

hi there webber!
owh the mamak's book..i'll pass that one. haha! You, tell me about that and change my mind to get to read, will you?

Dy said...

hehehee... rilex2 jak lah bah togs... no need to read :P membutakan mata ngan tv jak cukup! hehehe... let's catch up once u're back in town ya?