Monday, June 27, 2011

#1 honeymoon spot: Mulu National Park

ya, i was there last weekend

to see him

and his family

with my colleagues (me, apai jang, nyonya, is)

not on a honeymoon of course, but, this would be my first pick for honeymoon venue (no doubt).

i'm packing my whole family (9 adults) to this place. robbing the bank to fund the flight tix and thinking of going to the along for other expenses. i know, the place wont dissapoint.

for those with doubt (of thinking of going but not really sure what to expect), log onto their website
send e-mail to them. they patiently answered all my e-mails (about 9 in all, i kept e-mailing them since january until june with macam-macam soalan) and secured the booking of our accomodation. i think, this is the best kept national park in the country. neat without being too showy.


ppong said...

ohoo..tadi ko call pasal pi ni tpt kah? owh, sorry, mood ku abis bengang kena lecture oleh tu consultant for 3 hours!

bah ngam lah. bila sudah tu ahh? mcm dingar2 sarup seja tadi ko call tu.

kukuanga said...

awal bulan 2 tahun depan

Dy said...

Awesome plan to pack the whole troop over... nanti if singgah in Kuching I offer service kereta pinjam + driver k? :)

Kirim salam si Is.

jenkays said...

gwe pun mo p honeymoon ini tempat..but first...let me find a husband...

kukuanga said...

dy.. noted

jen, tiakpayah. pigi sana saja... ada sudah tu sana... hahahhaha..