Friday, December 16, 2016

Things on my Kitchen's Windowsill

This is my second favourite window at my apartment. Thats 7 windows competing for a favourite. Someday, i'll show my favourite window.

This is the only window with no dressing and i never shut it completely, even when i'm away. This is my kitchen window, facing a large balcony serving as my laundry/ drying area. 

On the windowsill are;
1. Used fermented bean curds jar as a vase for green plants i smuggled from guest house in Malang, Indonesia. Nothing particularly interesting with the green plant (but, for the memory), and a wild orchid i plucked at the roadside.
2. A gold coloured tortoise i got from a very short trip to Yangoon in 2014
3. 2 rocks i got from Sg. Moroli in Ranau. The river is less than 100m from my kampung house. Item #2 and #3 serve as holder for sheets/ blanket drying outside.
4. Used moisturizer jar as a vase for my ginger seedling. The ginger i brought from Ranau, planted on a hill at Mibang, our orchard. 
5. A cat vase given as a farewell gift by ex-student containing a smallish green plant from the same stock as in item #1

Those things on my kitchen's windowsill might look like a garbage, but, they're a treasures to me. In each etched a memory. Happy ones.

A few more days to Christmas, a few more days for my long year end holiday. 

cheers to happy memories!

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