Monday, December 19, 2016

Tenom Coffee Yit Foh

A day after the final exam, a first semester student WA me and asked if i still wanted the coffee. it took me a few scroll up my WA TL to see what he's talking about. Of course, its about his offer to give away his coffee a few days before the exam started and we got lost in the haze of the busy times.

He gave me 5 small packages and a large one of Tenom Yit Foh coffee.

I straightway gave one of the smaller packet to my favourite clerk at the office, Cik Ain and another one for my boss in the training division who was at our place to oversee the exam.

I'm not a coffee drinker. I'm more inclined to tea and choco. I'd drink Tenom coffee for a good reminder of home. The waft of steam and smell of a freshly brewed coffee at dawn is really soothing. I know, i can brave long hours, reading soppy novels with good coffee at hands. 

and the best-est of all? It was given free.

If you want a better packaged coffee than the one i'm showing and you're not in Sabah, head over to KadaiKu online to purchase the Yit Foh Tenom coffee. 

I'm flying home for the long anticipated Christmas and year end holidays in Ranau. I will bake a coffee-butter-cake this year for the Christmas Eve Parade, to serve with hot coffee. 

Cheers! Happy Holiday.

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