Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pontianak 3

this would be the last installment for my Pontianak series. not that i'm out of story to tell. the short rendezvous, certainly gave more than what i bargain for. and on top of the list is the desire to face my fear, trying to live life to the fullest (if there's any such thing) where great stories usually sprawling beneath.

my bus to Kuching departed at 9.00 pm. i booked a taxi through hotel receptionist (obviously, that's the only way to book a taxi in town---taxis are rare). i leave the hotel at about 8.15 pm and arrived at Eva bus terminal a few minutes later. we only departed after 9.30 pm. some delay for the economy bus and affected us too. (i took the 'super' bus (seating 18 persons instead of the 'economy' one, seating 40?, and i bought a return tix in Kuching). i'll provide link for Eva's website and their tix pricing later.

13 passangers + 2 drivers (alternately change every 2 hours, elderly, polite gentlemen, chinese, speak indonesian fluently). of the 13 passengers, 6 are seeking medical treatment in Kuching. a young couple with a baby and a girl toddler were going to Kuching for that little girl monthly medical check-up. she have problem with her digestion tracts. i cant imagine going for the ardous journey once a month (i'm not saying anything about the cost!)

i, once was a sickly kid too. when i was 6, my dad was posted in a remote area in Ranau (he's a primary school headmaster). no road to his school, we had to leave our pick-up (Datsun!) at the neighbouring village and walked for miles to reach our quarters. most of times, i piggybacked on my dad (remember, i have a younger sister -- by 2 years, and she had to walk!).

so, i get it, i really do understand that young dad when he softly said to his young daughter "papa, ngak apa-apa kok, vera, tidur, istirehat yang tenang, esok kita ke rumah sakit". he adjusted the seat and pillow, blanket etc, attending lovingly to his sickly child. and he sat on the bus floor, holding that girl all the way. i have a dad like that. a man who put his family first above all else. i made a decision there and then, to buy him a trip he always wanted. while, i have the chance to do so.

it's a full moon night, and everything glow softly under luna's soft beam. i will always remember Pontianak as my first solitary romantic gateway. its certainly, not the most beautiful place to visit, with nothing especially special. but, it'll haunt me for life, for the simple truth that, i found a piece of me in that place. a dim enlightment.


Dy said...

You made me cry. In a good way. Thanks for the reminder.

See you besok!

jenkays said...

aku pun mo jumpa esok...i wonder why this post seems to make me wanna cry too...

life is hard but it has to go on right?

Mare,i have decided to study...but i decided i will go out of here....composing my letter tonite...i need to get away far away from here...

ppong said...

wakaka, i remember the walks, night time? or is it dark inside the jungle? seems like a faint memory but ya i remember at sometimes i'll be at Gapa's back and u infront.

dont know bout Pontianak. itu nama pun macam bikin takut juga.

kukuanga said...

jiwang kan my post... muahaha..

pong, its ponti, nama glemer.