Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pontianak 2

"60 lah kak, batu layang itu jauh" plead the boy
i agreed. he went for 'helm'. after waiting for about 15 mins, while watching the 'bapa ayam' expertly 'tucked in' and retrieve motorbikes at their parking area (they're paid by the motorbike's owner-about 1000 Rp/bike)

the good looking boy came "ayolah kak, disana kelihatan mau hujan". then, we went. being 'chickenest' at riding motorbike, i hold to that bony boy. everything's fine, until we cross the traffic light at the main road heading for Kapuas Bridge. A policeman flagged us down. ooooooo... i panickly thought of my passport. ngak ada spion, motornya.. adeh.. (sum of fine= 250,000 Rp)

amazingly, the boy looked calm (macam biasa jumpa polis saja ni). he promised to be back to pay the fine before 6.00 pm. (but, the police said, the fine should be paid at the kantor pengadilan?--bribe?) i didnt ask.

we crossed the kapuas bridge 1 and another bridge (over Landak River?). tightly jammed. (like crushing to lorries/ trucks on both side of the road) its amazing i didnt faint. on the roadside, the large drain (more likely a water canal-- but garbage esp, plastic bags float on it), people are taking bath (like they're in their private bathroom) in the canal. not bathing naked, of course, but, they're there for everybody on the road to see.

its drizzling again. the boy stopped near a stall selling gas (ya, they sell gas by jug, macam jual air tebu) "kak, mau hujan ni.. balik ke hotel aja ya?". i agreed. and thats the end of my failed journey to tugu khatulistiwa. i paid the boy 100,000 Rp. (he got some bribing to do, aint he?)

bersambung... the bus ride home

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Dy said...

Geezz.... menggadai nyawa sungguh den ni!!! hahahah... awesome adventure though! :)