Wednesday, February 15, 2012

priority resetting

I've no time to read book these past few weeks. Been reading articles and some serious books for one of my biggest interview (last week), which i flunked spectacularly. anyway, in retrospective, i enjoyed the experience. it was enriching.

but, back then, when i came back from the interview, my heart was so bitter. i wanted the post so bad and i've tried very hard for that proposal. i've asked God what to write and i believe He put that issue in my heart. so, i am pretty sure, i am heading in the right direction. why should i feel devastated and bitter?

if the calling is from Him, He'll show the way in His own pace. but, i have to play my part, i have to put double effort in writing a better and more convincing proposal. and to do so, i need to read more enriching articles, more serious books for better understanding of the whole concept. jokingly, i told my colleagues that we have a year to prepare for the next round of interview. while reading New Economic Model (NEM), i stumbled upon a confusing data and i googled it up to check, and the googling led me to an article in Forbes Magazine of Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin led me to Jaeson Ma, and the whole lot of Christian movement in Asia. it's good to know that you're not praying alone and it's not a futile effort. sometimes, its a very hard decision when you woke at 3 or 4 am and have this insistent tugging in your heart to pray for something/someone and your warm bed, physically calling you to just continue slumbering. (i usually just curled up in my comforter muttering anything i had in mind and drifted off, sleeping).

when i read of how Jeremy Lin spend an hour each day for devotion, despite his super busy schedule, i was more than inspired. i just need to cut some time off my other activities. and surely, i am not that busy to afford an hour of quiet time each day. i need to reset my priority.


jenkays said...

welcome to the whole KPOP and taiwan wave mare...! this was wat i was trying to tell you...about the Jason Mae team....

keep it up...!

kukuanga said...

itu K-POP aku tidak lah..betul2 not my taste. bikin geli. ya.. i saw Jaeson Ma's Youtube sama Van Ness dlm Prophetic Ministry. i am more impressed with his "love" in Malaysia

jenkays said...

no lah ...bukan kpop yg digilakan...passion durang sebagai anak Tuhan yg dikagumi....begitu sibuks dan begitu digila2 oleh org ramai tapi still ada firm ground dalam Tuhan...! and tia malu utk kasitau satu dunia drg hidup berharap sama Tuhan 24 jam dalam kareer mereka!!

aduhs susah lor walaupun aku hanya seekor ikan bilis.....!

kukuanga said...

boleh dilakukan tu cik..we have no other option.. mesti mau hidup dengan purpose untuk kasi glorify Tuhan. mesti kasi jadi itu sebagai sole purpose dalam hidup. tidak pedulilah apa orang cakap. mau ingat ini 3 perkara saja:

1. Love your God with all your heart, mind and strength
2. love your neighbour like you love yourself (ini sama boss n ko pny kolik yg pandai jampi serapah tu.. heheh...)
3. love and bless your enemy

jenkays said...

kahakhakha mare..struggle betul mo buat no 2 tu...tapi smlm berjaya mengharungi hari w/pun menitis air mata juga...yeah have to learn to love my neighbours!