Sunday, August 26, 2012

the handsomest newborn baby ;)

Name: Izz Naufal Mohd. Shaiful
Mom: Mimi Fazah Zainudin

Thank You God for trusting us with this amazing handsome prince. we've been praying for him even before the mom (Mimi) said yes to wed her handsome hubby, Epul. baby, your mom and I had been talking about you, long before you were conceived. and here you are, completing our lives.

Baby, teach us to love one another despite our differences. to cherish each other, while we have the chance. to support and hold each other dear in our heart.

my your namesake: Izz Naufal be true, you to grow a strong man, bringing glory and prestige to your family, your God and to be always generous, the way your mom and dad do. in everything you do, know that, you are loved by many. (including this aunty).

mimi and Epul: How can i ever congratulate you? he is yours. a miracle.

and now, i'm longing for a baby myself. sperm donor please? tsk!tsk!


Dy said...

Togs!!!!! YES!!! He IS THE HANDSOMEST!!!! ADuiyaiiiiiii... my heart my heart!!! berair2 terus my eyes!!!! Welcome BABY IZZ... we've been waiting for you!!! and yes, now, our lives are complete!! Love you sweetie pie!!

Erm, did u ask ur dad if u can have a baby? :D

kukuanga said...


hahha..i did ask them if i could adopt a baby. they ruled that out. hahhaa.. spur of a moment thing bah the baby thing dy. i dont thing i'll be able to raise a baby alone. if only i have the courage..

kukuanga said...

ades.. i dont thing plak.. *think.