Monday, June 18, 2012

june's update

It's done. i pasted my blog's address on my Facebook account (ya, come on, roll your eyes.. FB?). oh.. ya, it really helps to locate my stray, all over Sabah, Sarawak kids, especially since they changed their phone numbers repeatedly, i lost track of most of them. at least, once each semester, i am a FB full time user, PMing my kids their results pointer. and i, actually love doing it (more than i'll ever admitted). i think i'm already a facebook junkie, it's the last thing i checked on my hand phone (apart from the i-hope-u-texted-me wistful thinking) before i go to sleep and the first to be seen in the morning after i hit the snooze button. (i know, i know, should change this new habit to a more manageable bites). macam telampau pula beberapa minggu ni.

i am way behind my reading progress. barely 19% of my intended annual target and it's almost half of the year gone. i dont wholly blamed FB addiction to my diminishing amount of time to read. internet is more enticing than TV. can i count online magazine read as a book read?

will go away for a short (much needed) vacation by the end of this week. i need to find a good footwear (my BUM sneaker is in shoddy condition). was thinking of posting this on my FB wall, but, then, it'll make me a double junkies, right? 

have a good week ahead kaibigan!


jenkays said...

i am planning of openning a bottle of wine when you guys come...celebrating my liberation from my current shitty place...and to start in a new hopefullynonshitty place..hahaha..

kukuanga said...

i'm going off straight from the airport to Ulu Kinta on the 26th by bus. have to attend a one day workshop there. i guess, i'll miss your wine ceremony.. huhu!

jenkays said...

i am thinking of 21st lah mare...!if your not with us then tia payah wine..whisky aja..!!

kukuanga said...

21st can la.. but i arrived late, late night..gila ka mau menolak red wine? count me in. hahhaha.. supper gila2 kita.. i make more sambal la if like this.. hahha..

jenkay said...

gwe cuti tiapayah tido pun ok..!! kahkahkaa..buka red wine di airport amcam hahahaa..! terus korang check in wakakk