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Monday, May 28, 2012

when you cant go home for Kaamatan

May mau habis sudah. dan confirm tidak dapat balik Ranau untuk Kaamatan* (not that we're big in celebrating the celebration). but it's good to have a family gathering, simple afternoon picnic (did i tell, my kampung house is very close to a river? -Sg. Moroli) and dinner, and movie marathon, watching  old series of Merlin (which is our parents favourite), betting our coins on lap-lap-pu**, or simply go fishing and kena tanduk by Harry the goat or even, go panjat-panjat pokok, when nothing else seems to amuse us (that, and also to get a better internet reception). ya, i'm kidding on that last part. or not.

I am lonely and missing my hometown. 

Trying hard to finish vol 1. of Sherlock Holmes complete adventures to while away the loneliness.

*Harvest Festival = Thanksgiving
**game of cards

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