Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yo! Sushi, Midvalley. (Thai restaurant), Midvalley. Old Town Coffee, Kajang. Basil Leaf, Bangsar. Vietnam Kitchen, One Utama. Wong Solo, Bangi. Manhattan Fish & Co, Alamanda, Putrajaya. Restoran Thien, Bangi. Jombali, Subang parade. We covered all these places in 3 days.Jane, Cam on.

my partial collection (yet to hunt for another 31 ) of Dick Francis arrived today. yay!

Do listen to Rivermaya. My favourite is: 241 (my Favourite song). A good reminder to a stubborn heart. i bought their "You'll be safe here". my students asked, why bother buying when Youtube provides

for free? indeed why?. anyhow, do listen to Rivermaya.

A certain girl in Batu Caves and a man in Bristol urged me to go and play with dirt. Planting greens. And I got myself Envirosax bag. Though I have to say, this will be my first and last purchase. (its polyester, which is man made textile—not so environmental friendly I guess) I’d sew my own jut/ cotton bag for grocery shopping.(as if!)

a good friend safely delivered her baby girl (Syhaweh Shana)last thursday and my favourite PT (cik pah- now, i have to call her MUM), where i work delivered her first baby! (a boy!) also on thursday. (God! now i have the urge to go hunting for good sperm!) any taker?

congratulation Woly and Alfredo and Dondoyo.


jenkays said...

sperm hunting mare??? i bet byk donors out there...!! kihkihkih..!
Did we really cover all that places??aduh naik gunung pun tia dapat kasi burn that much kalori (sbenarnya mo cakap FAT...ko tanam2 lah di bilik aku itu..! so bila i come to visit boleh makan sayur2 yg di tanam hehehe

#supudo-word verification pun kasi olok aku..isk..

kukuanga said...

hahahahaha! donor yg compatible la bah. hahahahahha!

i planted garlic. sy balik, tumbuh sudah all my bawang-bawangan di dapur. adui! banyak habuk seh!

am planing to buat yr bilik jadi green! hahhahahah!
hv a nice day mare!

jenkays said...

please come back quick...aku perlu kawan mau tambah lemak...:P