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Grace by Richard Paul Evans
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This is the 5th book read for this year. I'm hoping to at least reach 52 book read this year. A book for each week. and to write about the read, if i can. 

Last year was quite disappointing. I lost track of my own reading. I can try tracing, but, i'm too lazy to do that. So, 2014 book read compilation will be void. I'm not going to compile the reads. Lets not dwell on that (depress the hell out of me).

Earlier this year, i went with my good friends for a night stay at Mesilau. I never bothered to go stay there because its only about 1 and a half hour drive from our kampung home. i also based my research at Kinabalu Park (some time at Mesilau Research Center) for more than a year for my postgrad study, that i never really have the urge to 'holiday' at this place. I'm glad i went along with my friends.The place is awesome. Maybe, because i was with good people whom i truly want to be with. The 'feel good' feel lingers to this day, whenever i look up pics taken from the stay.

Good friends are hard to come by. These friends i mentioned are my good friends for more than 10 years (except for DC's brother- i barely knew him) but i have a feeling that he's a good man - a gentleman (i've been around for more than 30 years, and that's a rare occurrence). For me, good friends are those who stayed with you through the years, in your ups and downs, without prejudice. Not exactly latching to you, but, around when you need them.They provide comfort and ease. They are your favourite people. 

Because i have them, i truly believe in the grace of God. How else can i explain having good friends like them if its not the grace of God? because on my own, i don't deserve them. Yes, i don't usually text/ call my friends, they do that to me. I am not the most comfortable of friend you can ask. I am way too opinionated, too frank, too critical. I wonder, how can they stand being with me all these years?

One of my favourite quote in Grace by Richard Paul Evans is:
"Have you ever been in love?"
"I don't know, How do you really know when you're in love?"
"When you don't have to ask"

Grace is a story about a run away girl named Grace. She ran away from her abusive stepfather and found shelter at a shed built by two brothers.The story was narrated by the older brother of the two. The older brother fell in love with Grace and did everything he can do to help her (he's 16 and dirt poor) and you can imagine its a hopeless battle. everything went haywire when Grace's parents filed a report of her missing (alleged kidnap case). In the end, the older brother has to let her go back to her family. Grace fought her emotional battle (being impregnated by her stepfather and being ignored by her mother). Her stepfather killed her in a drunken stupor.   

Grace's life might be very short. but her determination, kindness and love inspired the brothers well into their adult life. 

If you have spare time, you might like to read more about the author Richard Paul Evans. Grace is a fiction book, but, the author's spirit and life are dedicated to help children like her. For me, that change my attitude in reading the book. The book changed my perspective of grace, of God's grace.

Its not what we tried to do that matters. Its when we allow God's grace to flow through us for others that make life so worthwhile. and by doing so, we cannot claim that its our efforts that hold a friendship, a relationship, good deeds and so on. We're able to love others (despite all the shortcomings) by grace.

Its a new year, a new beginning. I know, its going to be an awesome year. Happy New Year.

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